Saturday, 20 June 2015

Zeiss ? DF 7 * 50

I assume the left Prism plate is incorrect/replacement?

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Friday, 13 March 2015

Prism Cleaning & fungus removal with Grandma`s special Cream

Cleaning the prisms of my beh 10*50 Binoculars.

One of the Prisms, you can see how extensive the Fungus is.
All the Prisms were affected.

 Go to your Grandmothers bathroom
cabinet & take out the Cold Cream.
Smear it with a finger over the affected surfaces.

Wait for 2 or 3 hours.
I usually clean the worst off with Fairy liquid.
Then Alcohol + Microfibre cloth.

Hey presto.
Lovely clean Prisms.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

beh 10 * 50 Dienstglas

Arrived today.........

German WW2 Field Glasses

beh 10*50 (Leitz)

Marked KF & O (Blue)
Both marks are for cold weather lubricant.
The KF is contemporary with the Binoculars. 1940?
The Blue Circle mark was used in 1941?

The Binoculars have Rangefinder Graticules.
But the Prism plate is not marked with the graticule designation H/6400
Maybe they were serviced in 1941 & graticules & new/better lubricant used.

Serial No. 402954

Currently undergoing cleaning.
One of the Occulars was seized solid & lots of fungus present on the Prisms.

Marked Carl Zeiss Jena.

No other markings I can see.

Thanks to a very knowledgeable Gentleman on
"Wehrmacht Awards".
Apparently the case was made for Carl
Zeiss Gas Mask Binoculars.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Given to my Grandfather by a German POW in Belgium.
 Nazi PArty memebrship badge.
 Lufwaffe Cap badges
 Hamburg Veterans Cross

Anti Aircraft Badge?

Friday, 28 March 2014

The new Camera-below

Fuji X Pro 1
With a Roeschlein Kreuznach Telenar 90 3.8.
A lens for the Braun Paxette, Adapted- Heath Robinson Style for Fuji X mount.
The Problem with adapting this lens, even though the threads are almost the same as Leica & they are compatable, is that the Paxette had a Leaf shutter behind the lens.
The long & the short of it being you need an Extra 15.7mm extension to get your lens in the right focal plane.
Hence the big lump of Konica T2 adapter above.
I suspect someone will start making a Paxette adapter soon.
The lenses are becoming quite popular with 4/3rds etc.

First a Fuji X to leica M adapter. Then a Leica M-L39 adapter.
Stuck to the back of a Konica T2 mount Adapter (Bayonet bit cut off) Then a M42-L39 adapter.

Photos below.
Back lit Orchids. Not the Sharpest but surprisingly little flare, considering all the reflective surfaces in my adapter & the fact i used no hood.

I think the usual way of adapting this lens is with a Focusing M42 adapter, then M39-M42.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Eugene Vernier

Some of the Photographs from Eugene Verniers Archive.
All information is taken from his book "Vernier, fashion Femininity & Form"

Any comments/Help in identifying Models etc much appreciated.

 Some are framed, some are in mounts, there may be more info on the back!

1966 ??
Reasonable condition
Taken in his studio "Glebe Place"
(According to the book)

Celia Hammond
Israel 1962
Pretty good condition

Several Magazines came with the lot.
Vogues from 50's & 60's.
Harpers Bazaar etc   

Joy Weston ?

Couple of creases,
loss of finish  bottom centre Right

Tania Mallet
Vogue September 1961
Some creases, framed.
 Celia Hammond.
Out take from Vogue shoot in Israel 1962
Poor condition, some tears, creasing/wrinkles  foxing etc.
Framed glass is broken (Visible in Photo)
This is I think a copy of the original I also have, it is in similar condition.

500*400mm approx
 Tania Mallet
Vogue September 1961
Some creases framed.

 Jonny Walker advert circa 1960

Several creases
 Tania Mallet
Vogue 1961, Bermuda

Pretty good condition,
Crease top centre, some foxing
Couple of scratches, small area of damage/rip

I have seen another of these on the internet, it is cropped quite heavily back to the 2 vertical columns however.
 One of quite a few Colour adverting photos from the 70's & 80's in the collection.

Petra magazine
Alana Collins & Suzanne Schoneborn

Jamaica Late 1969

Alana married Rod Stewart in 1979

This is a signed copy
The original is unsigned.
 Patti Boyd ??
Signed by Vernier
Poss 1962
440*330mm approx
Poor condition
Scratches centre right
Label on reverse “Artists Printers” with "Vernier" typed on it.
Simone D’Aillencourt
Vogue July 1957 For the feature "your car on Holiday"

3 copies of this photo.
1 with a fold in poor condition, the other 2 are in nice condition
Looks a bit like Freddy Mercury without the tash.
No idea

Couple of light scratches
late 50's from the clothes??
Possibly Nancy Egerton?

Poor condition.
Bad crease.
 Tania Mallet
Vogue 1961, Bermuda

Fair condition, foxing creases.

Toni Terrace
From the Vogue Feature,
“The way its Drifting”
2 creases visible.

Probably my favourite photo, shame about the condition.
no Idea

Vogue 1961
Penny Knowles.

Fire? Damage top left, some creases, the photo is actually 2 or 3 inches bigger on teh LHS underneath mount


Another great Photo.
Shame about the Acordian players head!

Maggie Eckhardt,

Vogue mid Sep 1960
Good condition, small amount of foxing,, a scratch & some blotches if you closely.

Some of the Cigarette adverts.
This in the 70's was where the BIG money was!

Signed & framed Peter Stuyvesant Ad

Signed artwork