Saturday, 13 August 2016

Interesting Box of Binoculars

A box full for....... £57.00. Bargain.

What we got; Zeiss Telsexor 16 * 40, Zeiss Marineglas 6*,  Zeiss Turexem 6*, Dienstglas cag 6*30 with button flap, Unmarked Voigtlander type 6*30 with rain cover & a pair of Ernst Lietz?

Sunday, 17 July 2016

1st War "SS" Binoculars

Interesting RZM, SS & Eagle markings.

Eagle & SS?

RZM  (Quartermasters of the Nazi party)

Are they 1st War binos re issued?
Or just a fake.
Seems a lot of effort for what looks like an unusable pair of binoculars?

Sunday, 24 April 2016

"REFLEXA" + Canon OM 50mm 1:1.9 Lens

Quite possibly the rarest/most unusual
Camera I have ever picked up.
A re-badged Mamiya Prismat with a
very rare Canon Lens.

Lens mount is Exakta bayonet.
Different stop down linkage however.

All in very nice condition & fully functioning.
I had to service the lens as it had oily blades.
Original case

Monday, 7 March 2016

Odd one out?

4 Pairs of Binoculars.
All are  6*30. 
All made within a couple of years of each other.

From left.
Unmarked 6*30 made by Voigtlander (late or post WW2)

Srb & Stys Luxor (Pre or early WW2)

dow 6*30 Dienstglas (Opticotechna Gmbh Czech Rep WW2)

ddx 6*30 Dienstglas (Voigtlander WW2)

Odd one out?

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Wacht Hensoldt & Sohne Wetzlar 8*24 Artillerie DF

 Another Ebay impulse purchase.
These date from 1909 approx.
Hensoldt traded as Wacht from 1905 to 1909.
these are late in that period.
(Thanks chevyjonny on Wehrmacht Awards)

You can see the state they were in. Extensive Fungi, lenses & Prisms very cloudy.

The Prisms are in long slots, 3 or 4 mm play either end. I tried to mark their positions best I could on removal. I should have taken more care.
I ended up assembling Binoculars without Prism covers, Prisms had to be moved back & forth in slots to collimate. Not as difficult as it sounds.
But time consuming. There is no reticle which is a shame.

Finally assembled again.

These Binoculars were a big big surprise when I finally got to look through them cleaned & collimated. They dont have a huge field of view & there is no coating, But... sharpness, contrast, colour rendition are all very good considering how old they are. And they are TINY!

Compared to some Leitz Binux 8*30. Against which they hold up quite well.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Barr & Stroud CF 30 Prism failure/re cementing

I got these at the same time as the Zeiss reworks below. They date from the mid 1930's.
They rattled when I took them out of the case.
Not a good sign!

 The Prisms had both come apart. These are  a true Porro 2 design. Cemented Prisms.
with field lens cemented to prisms, not part of the ocular. This did away with 4? glass to air boundaries in the light path. Increasing light transmission, reducing flare/ghosting etc.
This strange opaque film is what originally held prisms together.
Difficult to see how you could ever see through it.
Apparently its called Balsomoiding!
A process that used Cellulose Acetate.
At the time it was thought better than Canada Balsam. Barr & Stroud really thought they had got one over on Zeiss at the time.
I dont think there are many binoculars left with this stuff intact.

What ever it was, it cleans off fine with Lighter fluid. You can see the black tar like residue in the picture.

Norland NOA61 Optical cement applied with a UV light to cure it. Set up in 2 Vee blocks to keep things square.

Glue cures very quickly.

A final polish......

Prism secured back in the housing.
The 3 small marks on top of the prism above, are where 3 small metal shims are glued in place. These space it away from the housing when it is clamped down.

The biggest surprise of all was that they were in collimation when I put them back together.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Marked "Carl Zeiss Jena"
Serial looks like No 360234 difficult to see
They have been over painted
Looks like the original case.

A V Walker marked on right prism plate.

These Binoculars are BIG & HEAVY nearly 1.5 Kilos.

 They are slightly out of collimation.
Glass is very good & the view seems to be very good.

My friends at "Wehrmacht Awards" tell me they are 1st War vintage. Reworked & reissued in 2nd War. Hence "Carl Zeiss Jena" in script, not the traditional Zeiss Logo.

Other reworked examples  were made for Danish Navy. Captured during occupation in 2nd War. Sent back to Zeiss for service, where the Danish Prism plates were removed & replaced with ones similar to these.

We will never know where they have been!